[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] Big 3 Net marble accepted a report on the third quarter due to the aftermath of slugging of the launch of the new job. The company has predicted that performance is expected to improve in the fourth quarter, due to stabilization of development environments and earnings connections of social casinos companies recently acquired by Social Casino companies.

On the 10th, Net marble (Representative Won, Lee Seung-won) has disclosed 10 days of sales of W67bn, operating profit of W26.6bn and W35.7bn on the third quarter of this year.

We declined sales, operating profit, net profit of 5.5%, 69.9% and 61.4% year-on-year sales. Sales and operating profit increased by 5.2% and 64.2%, respectively, and net profit fell 25.9%.

Cumulative revenue until the third quarter of this year was aggregated at W1.7154.6 billion, Cumulative operating profit of W97bn and Cumulative Pulling net profit of W145.8bn. This falls by 5.7% YoY, 48.8% and 38%. In the third quarter, overseas sales recorded W426bn and occupied 70% of total sales.

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Net marble was not able to raise a 3Q earnings indicator as Marble Future Revolution released in the end of August. There was a good response to the high quality of Marble Future Revolution, but the system, said Net marble, said, The system, etc., but the system, etc.

He also said, There was no significant decline in the indicators and release of existing games, and the third quarter has not been improved, In addition, since the fourth quarter, the development system is not only stabilized, I expect that the performance will be improved as a new release.

Spinx is a social casino game of Hong Kong, who acquired 100% stake in Net marble (about 2.5 trillion won) (about 2.5 trillion won). As a representative, there is a Cash Frenzy, Lots Slots, and Jackpot World and the Global Mobile Social Casino Genre Revenue Standards in 2Q201. The performance of the spin-X is incorporated on the connection performance from 4Q.

Net marble released Seven Nights 2 on Google Play, Apple App Store, and Second Country is also preparing for global launch. In addition, Seven Knights Revolution, BTS Dream: Tiny an House, and Mugged King JA Island will be announced in the first half of next year.

The met averse and non-NFT (unauthorized token) business is also the game and IT industry. The Metropolitan Court is actively engaged in the meta bus entertainment, such as establishing met averse entertainment, said Etta Bus, said Etta Bus, Metropolitan Government I said.

We are also going on the development of the blockchain and the NFT game, he said, he said, We will open a variety of lineup briefing sessions in the beginning of next year and will present the relevant plans specifically.