Other Matthew (60) felt the system criticism of BVB captain Marco Reus after the 1: 2 defeat of Borussia Dortmund last Saturday at RB Leipzig as superfluous.

I believe that it is maximum to make the captain to make such statements, although he could have saved these sentences in public, wrote the World Champion Wapitis of 1990 in his Sky Column So I see that.

The Dortmund Forager had multi-half-/ five-fishing chain in the first half, only after switching to a four-chain, it has become better in the second 45 minutes.

He could understand Zeus and his frustration, says Matthews, Bavaria profits in the afternoon, you themselves lose in the evening and are not satisfied with your or general tactical positioning of the team, says the former world star. With every defeat, the chance will always offer smaller, leaders Bayern Munich Parole.

Matthew: And yet you have to discuss the dissatisfaction over the decisions of the trainer internally. I assume that Marco Rose discusses with its leaders where tactical corset she feels most comfortable, and then tries his ideas and the wishes of the Players in harmony.

World Champion Team Boss Franz Beckenbauer did that regularly. And it is not only tactically a wise train of a coach to take his players, but also important for the results on the field.

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Matthews wrote the Westphalia into the trunk book: No matter if there is a threesome or four-chain, whether override in midfield or not: every footballer is cordially invited to win his two-fighting and get everything out of the first to the last minute.