In our industry, that of video games, there are various debates that are cyclical and reopen from time to time for certain reasons. Because, apparently, what do you have to see forza Horizon 5 and Dark Souls? Absolutely nothing but, an addition of the driving game of Playground Games has made the fee site of the difficulties of fromSoftware return.

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A toot, that we leave you then exemplifies the excellent Accessibility functions that the new Fora has. One of them allows to alter the speed of the game, keeping the physics, but with the rest of the stage moving to slow motion, to give more reaction time and that they can play the fewer showers at the wheel or people with some problems or disabilities Physics

The author of the Toot wonders, as an example of this video, how could it be added Difficulty options or accessibility to Dark Souls or to style games, like the next Elder Ring.

And, to vary, all this has generated a debate in forums and networks, with users who agree that all games should have options for everyone and among those who believe you have to preserve the spirit and the idea that They have the creators. A difficult, extensive debate with numerous nuances, which has come out for Fora Horizon 5, but in a few weeks he will return for other reasons.

What is your opinion about it? It is always interesting to discuss the use of difficulty in games and the adaptability of them to all kinds of people. But also in the use of the creative essence when the difficulty in itself is used as an expressive means for the work.