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For Phil Spencer, in the future, it is not just about throwing more pixels on the screen.

Microsoft has pushed the Xbox One X and recently pushed the Xbox Series X pretty hard. While the former was established as a 4K resolution games, the latter is considered the most powerful console that has ever been made. Despite all the emphasis on performance and the resulting graphical rendering loyalty, Xbox boss Phil Spencer wants to focus more on the fame.

During a call with Survivor it was found that the Xbox Series X can offer games with a resolution of 8K. According to Spencer, however, it is preferable to play games in 4K resolution with a higher frame rate. We never really tried to restrict what developers are trying on our platform, whether they are 60 pictures per second on Xbox 360 or people who run 4k, 60 [images per second] now on Xbox One X You develop the tools that you can use to try out things that you want to try on each of the hardware platforms, and the ability to try things can be present.

I think we have reached a point with Xbox One X in this generation, look fantastic on the games and there is always work we can do to look even more fantastic. But I want games to feel so great, how they look like. This is not the case in today s generation because the CPU is under loaded in comparison to the GPU included in the delivery to achieve a feel and a frame rate as well as a type of consistency or a variable refresh rate and other factors we want.

When we looked into the future, we definitely wanted to focus more on the games and not only throw more pixels on the screen.

Xbox Series X To Push Higher Frame Rate Over Resolution - Phil Spencer Says

In terms of games, Halo Infinite will be available for the Xbox Series X at the start while titles like Senna s victims: Hell Blade 2 were touted as exclusively for the platform. While it is an admirable goal to pinpoint the feeling in the future, you have to ask yourself how the game offer is changing from Microsoft. After all, it will take one to two years for the console to be exclusive.

The Xbox Series X will appear this year in the Christmas season. While detailed specifications have to be announced, Spencer has revealed a few months ago that the GPU was able to achieve about 12 Teardrops, which is twice as powerful as the Xbox One X makes a CPU, which is four times more powerful than the Xbox One.

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