A new hope from the gambling scheme from Software should see the light of day early next year. In a new gameplay video, the developers make the waiting players Elden Ring really tasty. Promptly, the Action RPG is catapulted in the Steam Topseller.

Steam topseller get growth

The topseller of Steam are constantly changing: new releases, content updates or attractive sales can bring games into the charts of the platform. The hot expected Elden Ring has now opened its gates to pre-order and PC players are eagerly increasing, so the game jumps under the Top 3 of the bestseller.

ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal
At the start are also pre-order boni: For the standard edition there is an adventure manual and a bonus gesture, the Deluxe Edition also contains a digital artbook and the original soundtrack.

First gameplay to Elden Ring

To ensure the pre-orders properly and to supply the fans with fresh material, From Software has published a 15-minute gameplay video for action role-playing. In it you see the extensive world, various fights and a first introduction to other important features.

If you have not seen the bombastic Gameplay material from Elden Ring yet, we recommend that you soon retrieve this here:

After a release shift, Elden Ring is expected to be 25 . February 2022 for PC and common consoles appear. For system requirements, PC players still need to be patient, because these are not yet available on the Steam shop page.

The souls games are known to be merciless. Whether Elden Ring is also a series? At the following games you were driven to the white glow at any rate:

Elden Ring can delight the waiting players with a first gameplay trailer for the Action RPG. With the opening of the pre-orders, the game from FROM Software immediately storms under the first places of the Steam Bestseller.