In updating version 2.0 of Animal Crossing New Horizons, Harvey s Island will renew. Specifically, many travelers who visit their island to sell products will be able to open shops on their island. However, they will not establish stores automatically there; You will have to work to unlock them one by one. You may be wondering how to do this, so we are here to help you. Here is How to unlock all new stores and what are at Animal Crossing New Horizons.

All new stores of Harv s Island

Everything You NEED To Know About Harvs Island! Animal Crossing 2 0 Update
When you arrive at Harv Island after updating your game to version 2.0, you will notice some changes. Harvey will be behind him s cabin with an old friend of his, Harriet. There will be empty plots around you. Harvey wants you to help raise some bells to finance the great opening of shops for these plots.

There are seven stores in total that he can finance. Each of them will cost 100,000 bells before it is opened, and can only donate a store per day. Therefore, it will be needed at least a week to open all the stores here, assuming you give the maximum of 100,000 bells every day.

Here are the stores that can be financed at Harv Island with the characters that lead them:

Katrina, «a guester mysteriously accurate»
Saharah, a merchant that offers mats and mysterious painted papers»
Tortimer, an elder who will give you access to the storage of home»
Reece and Cyrus, A talented team of renewal of husband and wife furniture
Leif, «An expert in botany with the most ecological thumbs»
REDD, «A legitimate art merchant»
Kicks, «an elegant trader of shoes and fine bags»

As you have probably noticed, some of these merchants are new in the game, while others may have visited your island before selling products. Finance these stores at Harv Island is an excellent way to get daily access to these merchants instead of waiting for them to visit it at random.

Once you have fully financed a land, the merchant can open a store and start selling products. That s all you need to know How to unlock all new stores and what are at Animal Crossing New Horizons. Be sure to check our Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki Guide to get more tips and tricks, and see everything new in Update 2.0.

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