This is a checklist of physical computer game for the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, and DSi portable game consoles. It does not include video games launched on DSiWare or the iQue DS. The last ready the Nintendo DS, Huge Hero 6: Fight in the Bay, was launched on October 28, 2014.

Bundle Blast 2020 will publish new game packs daily this week

The online game retailer, fanaticial, announced the beginning of Bundle Blast 2020. Bundle Blast is a one-week event in which players can save money on a variety of games by buying them in lots with Fanaticial.

The event starts with the Killer Bundle 12, which includes Sherlock Holmes: The Devil s Daughter, The Surge, Wonder Boy: The Dragon s Trap, The King of Fighters XIV, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection and Atari Vault. The lot sells $ 5.29 CAD with estimated retail at $ 214.44 CAD. Fanaticial sells Steam keys for games that are then exchanged via Steam.

Four other grouped offers have dropped today and others are added daily during the week.

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In parallel with the offers of daily packages, Fanaticial also launched its Pick & Win contest in which participants can participate to run the chance to win one of the four lots offered. Participants can participate once a day to win one of the four lots of three AAA titles. 50 winners will be selected for each lot. The contest ends on March 2nd.