PlayStation and UEFA Champions League. For 24 years Both names have been united through the promotion of the Japanese manufacturer s consoles in their soccer matches, a relationship that is still present and that this month renews its campaign with a spot where we see the Characters of the company take the jump to the football field as if it were Christian Ronaldo, Messi and company.

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In the tunnel, observe how players react with fear when they realize that Kratos and Atreus of God of War lead the opposing team. Ratchet and Clank appear through a dimensional crack in the field to rescue to A wounded player. Aloy, from Horizon: Forbidden West, joins the management team and uses its focus and experience in tactical combat to take the players to victory. To get the best seat in the house, Nathan Drake Uncharted skillfully crosses the stadium to proudly support his team from the top.

The video is like this to show the passion for football of some of the most recognizable faces of the company, current IP protagonists.

Thus, God of War will be released on PC in a few months and will receive second installment, God of War: Ragnarok, on a date for determining 2022. For its part, Ratchet and Clank: A separate dimension has become one of the most Great successes of PlayStation Studios This course, Horizon: Forbidden West will arrive in February, and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will adapt your latest deliveries to PC and PS5.

PlayStation x UEFA Champions League - Play Has No Limits

The PlayStation announcements have usually been applauded by the public, being very remembered Long Live Play short performed by Simon Mcquoid, which we could see recently on the big screen as director of mortal Kombat.