Roblox IS BACK ONLINE?! (latest update)
Roblox, the popular platform in which to create and share worlds and games created by users, takes more than 24 hours suffering technical problems. According to the Web Down Detector, users carry the last 24 hours reporting incidents that prevent them from entering the game.

The reports stopped a few hours, the hours of the night, but continue to leave, while the frustrated users complain about social networks. The ROBLOX status website maintains that the incidence is still active, an interruption of the service that affects both PC, mobile app and Xbox.

At 00:30 on Saturday, October 30, CET schedule, Roblox communicated in its RRSS profile that continued to make progress in the blackout, thanking users for patience and confirming that this incidence is not related to any Experience or specific collaboration of the platform.

Roblox may not be as well known or popular as Minecraft, but its value has skyrocketed in recent years and is already listed on the stock exchange. ROBLOX is similar to Minecraft as it allows you to create your own worlds, but the tools are much broader in Roblox, and many have used it for recreations of other games, movies or series as the squid game.

If your children (or yourself) have tired of minecraft, ROBLOX is a very interesting alternative, which is also free, and is on PC, mobile and Xbox.

When it is operational again, of course. Attentive to Roblox profiles on Twitter to know when the incidence will be solved. According to a study, these are the web and most unstable platforms.