Towerlands is a newly published Tower Defense game that gives a new touch to the worn genre. Here you take the role of a lord who has the task of defending your beautiful tower.

There are some light RPG elements that you have to move into so you may be able to handle your strategies more creative. And that s just one aspect of the game that distinguishes it.

Your tower will start low and continue to grow over time. As expected, you want to make your tower as big and powerful as possible.

An essential way to let your tower grow, is to win knights and train them. The coolest thing about this game is that you can prevail over a whole kingdom and not just about the castle itself

By taking over certain places in your kingdom, they offer places where Knights can improve their skills and can be battle. The more knight you can get, the better, and this is crucial for the growth of your castle.

And as soon as your lock gets bigger, you can place your trusted knights within his walls. This should make the defense of your tower immensely satisfying, as it was rebuilt from the ground up and made all efforts. You will be afraid in the heart of your enemies in no time.

All in all, Towerlands offers a mixture of Tower Defense, RPG and Management Gameplay. You can also say that there are a lot of strategies for those who are looking for.

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Towerlands is now available as a free title of both Google Play and the AppStore.

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