The Detector Bros. dealing with video game roster has actually apparently dripped through a partial screen capture, exposing a spread of fighters from across fictional worlds.

The image was shared on Twitter by Super Smash Bros Melee world champ Juan Hungrybox DeBiedma, that previously claimed he obtained secret details concerning the project, teasing that it would be free-to-play and also include Batman and also Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty as playable characters.

y all assumed I was lying, huh?Warner Bros MultiversusCharacter choose screen. There seem to be levels and boxer type icons-Stephen Universe-Adventure Time-Batman/ Harley Quinn-Superman/ WW-Gandalf -Rick & Morty -Tom & Jerry-Bugs Bunny-New Char (leading left) 27, 2021

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That second part is born out in this brand-new photo shared by DeBiedma, which reveals portraits for 13 characters. Right here s the full listing of boxers imagined in the leak:

Steven World
Harley Quinn
Finn from Journey Time
Jake from Journey Time
Shaggy from Scooby-Doo
Marvel Woman
Rick Sanchez
Pests Bunny
Tom & Jerry (seemingly as one character).
And a jolly-looking green animal that seems to be an original personality.

Each character picture has a symbol in the corner – they re a little tough to make out from the capture, but characters such as Batman and Jake seem to have a sword, Shaggy as well as Superman have a fist, and Marvel Female is the just one with a shield. While the video clip DeBiedma posted – which went more thorough right into the photo – has actually been drawn offline by means of a copyright claim from Detector Bros. (with DeBiedma observing that s a hard validate ), these symbols likely signify each character s total technique to fight.

Did you ever before think you d live in a globe where Shaggy was a brawler and also Gandalf was a launcher? Well, we re not there fairly yet. WB still has to formally introduce the video game – supposedly called Multiversus – yet with all these leakages currently around, we might not need to wait excessive longer for the other footwear to drop.