Kings is a Franco-Belgian dramatic film directed by Deniz Gamze Ergüven, released in 2017. It is presented in world premiere at the 42nd edition of the Toronto International Film Festival.

A few days ago we started the first look at the new map that will reach Apex Legends along with his next season. Now, and with a new video with Gameplay, we have more details about this location, called Storm point. It includes gravity guns that will boost at great speeds through the air and several wild creatures that will defend at all costs.

is our larger map to date Rodney Reece Storm point, located on the GAEA planet, is a forgotten research basis for the BMI where Apex Games are held, he mentions Rodney Reece, Designer Main of the game. It s our biggest map to date, approximately 15% larger than end of the world, our previous larger map.

Instead of deployment balloons, you will now move with gravity cannons. When you enter one of them, you will leave fired in a default address, but you can control the route while you are in the air, and thus avoid switching of the enemy that could wait for you in the landing area.


Another important addition in storm point is dangerous fauna, which includes combat zones with strategic looting options for all players who dare to challenge them. Depending on the place, you could face the stalkers who defend their territory, spiders that protect their eggs or flyers that survey the skies with several rewards waiting to be claimed.

If you want to take a look at all the changes that Rodney Reece mentioned, you can consult them in the official point-storm statement. While, you can inform you of the skills you will use Ash, the new legend on the way to Apex Legends. The new season will be available next November 2.