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On October 17, Inelyon starts the headstart, on October 20, the official release will take place. The MMORPG from Asia wants to point above all with its special skill system and the PVP. But for whom is the game interesting at all? We explain from Meinmmo who should look at Elyon.

What is Elyon? The MMORPG appeared in Korea at the end of 2020 and was originally announced as a buy2play game with us. Even before the release, it switched to a Free2Play model, which finances special packages to start and an Ingame shop.

The focus of the game is the action-packed combat system that recalls a mixture of Tera and Black Desert. Thus you can fall into dungeons, but also quickly participate in the PVP. It also offers a special system in which all skills can adapt to their own style of play.

In the endgame, especially the PVP is the focus that can be held in the open world as well as in arenas or special realm VS realm territories.

When will appear Elyon? Elyon starts with the headstart on October 17 at 14:00 in German. For this, however, you need a special package worth at least 30 euros.

Who is waiting for the regular release, can play German time from October 20 to 16:00. Here you do not have to invest any money.

Checklist – Should I play Elyon?

For the quick overview, we have built here a short checklist for you. We have prepared 10 statements for you and if you answer at least 7 of them with yes, your Elyon should definitely try. More detailed information can be found below in the text.

I m looking for a new MMORPG and rather on theme park as a sandbox
I m looking for a MMORPG with active combat system and escape rollers
I like PvP and have no fear of fighting in the open world
I like to experiment with builds
I basically stand on an Asia style and have no problem with steampunk elements
I can leave frustration when it comes to the appreciation of my equipment
With Grind and Generic Quests I have no problem
I like to lieve several classes
Tera and Black Desert belong to my favorite MMORPGs and I am looking for a similar game
I do not care about the shop, as long as no direct pay2win is in the form of stronger items in it

Elyon convinces with combat system and character progression

Why should I watch Elyon? Elyon has convinced in a first player test of us especially with the combat system.

In combat you have dynamic aims, have an escape role and a stun break, so you can free yourself from the crowd control self-employed. In addition, you have to be constantly on Zack, because many opponents have serious attacks that you can dodge thanks to good animations and telegraphs.

A special highlight are the skills for which your enemies must mark so that the projectiles then target the enemy. This mechanics is rarely used, but feels incredibly satisfactory as soon as you control it correctly.

In addition to the combat system, especially the character development is exciting. You can change your game style to 3 species:

There are different runes that sets her in your equipment and then unlock passive bonuses
There are 3 skill trees between whom you can even jump up and jump
Each ability has 4 different styles from which you can choose one. So your skills get extra effects like a stun, but lose damage. Or your AOE attacks only make 3 goals, they cause more damage to them.

Elyon offers a whole lot especially for theory-crafter and experimental players.

However, your equipment can be damaged during upgrading, similar to Black Desert.

What does Elyon offer in the endgame? In the endgame, Elyon offers some dungeons and tasks in the open world that focus on PVE players. There is also a crafting system and Housing.

ELYON Get Ready For Release! 4 Main In-Game Systems Explained! (NEW MMORPG PC 2021 Free to Play)
At the heart, however, it is about the PVP.

Thus, battles take place in the open world or in special areas, in which the 2 fractions can fight in the game.

For particularly good players, there are arenas with rankings, in which you can prove your skill. Rather unusual for MMORPGS is the 1V1 arena in which you are completely put on you alone. Also that was a small highlight in the beta.

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Is it worth it for ThemePark fans? Yes, unless you have no problem with the PVP and rather generic quests. In Elyon she follows her main history and, incidentally, experiences quests in Hubs, as you are used to from Wow or Final Fantasy XIV.

From Level 28, there is the first solo dungeon, followed by some group dungeons. Also classic life skills such as fishing or mining are included.

Who should not play it?

If you are looking for a pure PVE game, Elyon is wrong. PVP, even in the open world, plays an important role, at least in the endgame.
The dungeons are very successful, but seem more like a means of purpose. There is too few in the endgame to have fun at them alone.
The combat system is very actionable, but has relatively long animations. This can reduce the fun of the combat system something, especially if you see Black Desert as a counter-example.
Who does not like Asia setting, will not be happy with Elyon.
The equipment can be damaged during the upgrade. On the other hand, Items help you buy you for real money in the shop. The system is comparable to Black Desert.

Elyon was a great success in Korea, but now the game numbers are sinking

How is it going to play in Korea? At the end of 2020, Elyon appeared in Korea and rose directly to 9th place of the gaming charts (via Gamemeca). In the weeks after the release it held in the top 15 and even got a push through the release of the 6th grade Slayer in January 2021.

Since then, however, the game falls in the charts. At the end of August, Elyon first fell out of the top 50 and ever returned to this. This lies in Korea behind MMORPGs like Black Desert, Aion, Wow, Blade & Soul, Maplestory and the same multiple games of lineage (1, 2 and lineage w).

The future of Elyon is so uncertain. But by the fact that the MMORPG is free to play free, the investment is always worthwhile.

MeinMMO editor Alexander Leitsch has already tested Elyon in the beta and came to the following conclusion:

The new MMORPG Elyon will not flop like bless, but also no huge hit