EVIL SPIRIT AND YOKAI GHOST HUNT - Phasmophobia: Ghost Hunting Game
DIABLO II: Resurrected, appeared in the end of September, suffers from evil server and connection problems. Blizzard s customer service account has recently had traffic, as network problems have been sufficient until the game release almost daily. The company has repeatedly told you to investigate the problems and even solved them, but users still report constantly the problems. Blizzard Entertainment has promised more information about problems, but so far, the company has been content with Twitter mainly for pureness. The pin begins to be fans tight, and some already expect looking forward to the next break. > Great! See You Again Tomorrow with New Server Problems and Copypaste Tweets! > > – Mr. Hukka (@ Pr0fessori) October 11, 2021 Diablo II: Resurrected was released for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox consoles, Switch and PC on 23 September.