In Chapter 4 of Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy, you have the choice of either mathematics or ignoring mathematics. This choice refers to Kor-Els daughter Nikki, from which Star Lord finds out that it is 12 years old. Kor-El and Peter had an affair 12 years ago, so he counts two and two together and recognizes that the child may be his child. If you talk to Kor-El, you can either put yourself the truth or stupid. The following happens when you expect Guardians of the Galaxy or ignore mathematics.

Do you expect in Guardians of the Galaxy or ignore mathematics?


If you choose calculate , Star Lord will mention that he could be Nikki s father, since he and Kor-El were together 12 years ago and their age is a little too well matched with this timeline. Kor-El will distract and say that Peter has not changed at all, and then the scene continues normally.

If you decide Ignore Mathematics , Peter makes the most important star lord thing and decides to talk to the Chewie Toy to change the topic. After playing with the toy, he deposits it and the scene continues normally.

Outside of dialogue changes in this scene, this decision has no great impact. There are no permanent consequences, so do not hesitate to choose the option you want. Regardless of what you choose, the Nova Corps will still impose a fine, based on your choice that you previously met in this chapter. The fine is between 7,000 and 8,000 units, depending on whether they have previously decided in the chapter to hide the creature or technology.

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy offers several options like these, and some are much more important than others. Mostly, however, decisions affect only dialogue and other little things. However, some of them have sustainable consequences. Since there is really no way to say what decisions are important and which are not, it is best to treat every decision as if they were important.

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