Saturn launched a new discount campaign that makes you feel cheaper in the possession of selected games. Especially at the SALE is: no matter what games you packs from the ingredients of the action to the cart, in the end you have to pay for all three titles together only 49 euros.

You will not be restricted to a specific platform, even if the PS4 and PS5 offers for most Store readers are likely to have the higher attraction. But also games for the Xbox consoles, the switch and the PC are there

Action: 3 for 49 euros

This is how the action works: You choose from the action selection three games, packs them in the shopping cart and in the end, the amount will be automatically reduced to 49 euros.

To name a few examples: in the case of the PS5 games, games such as Watch Dogs Legion , Dirt 5 , Metro Exodus , Marvels Avengers and Observer System Redux . PS4 players can pack titles like The Witcher 3 , Doom Eternal , Red Dead Redemption and countless more games in the shopping cart and purchase for the initially mentioned discount price.

The bill is quite simple: With a flat rate of 49 euros, you pay only just over 16 euros for each title. Even if the games of the action are usually not the latest games, the price could move one or the other player to catch up with a highlight.

Manchester City Academy 7 v 7 Possession Game

Offers in the PlayStation Store

If you prefer to go back to digital games: Last Wednesday, the PlayStation Store started a extensive sale at the start , which makes you a lot of games cheaper. At the weekend, the offers were expanded and also the PS plus games for October are still available for the free download .

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And since we are currently at the PlayStation Store: There, a new feature has been activated , which should be discovered for new games faster.

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