Long-term fraud became more and more difficult, which is why cheaters have developed new ways of interference in the Valorant competition ecosystem. Using dishonest methods punchers intentionally set in a queue with cheats to take to higher rank. Such Practices Riot Games dealt with this year, using automated processes that reported positive effects.

Thanks to existing fraud detection systems, as well as (partly) earlier introduction of the Game Meta update to the Valorant ranking mode, the indicators of the number of declared fraud tend to trend and are recorded low. The work of Riot Games has long been so free from cheaters, which is supposedly very little. However, there are sporadic cases, so the fight still continues.

In some regions, a sudden increase in applications was visible, but thanks to additional investigations and acquisition of data, as well as further improvements of Vanguard software, RIOT was able to stop this tendency and maintain the integrity of international competition.

For example, the popularity of hardware scams increased, i.e. those that are made using external devices for interference to the game. These are about circumventing both security and detection systems implemented by Riot Games. The creators of tools enabling fraud also use innovative ideas, including machine learning algorithms.

Riot Games provides that they are a few steps from cheaters and effectively block fraud from various service providers . Interestingly, some want to use in Valorant not only standard cheats, but also those whose aim is to manipulate the engine and game resources. The company emphasizes that the relative safety of their production is owed primarily to Kernel Vanguard, which meets its task.

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After this declaration, we can expect more and more companies to reach for this type of security, such as Activision to Call of Duty.