First Series of the quarterfinals of these worlds 2021 has been a recital of the best League of Legends by T1. FAKER and GUMAYUSI have led a team that have flown to semifinals without any problem, with a Hanwha Life disappeared throughout the series and that Chovy could not do anything still trying to row countercurrent, albeit Morgan seemed to be playing for T1. Now they promote rival to be decided next Sunday in the confrontation between their league colleagues, Damwon Kia , and the only European Europeans in this elimination phase, Mad Lions.

T1 Faker on flying to Iceland on a PRIVATE JET for Worlds

The series began with a tremendous hype, since we saw in the most important international tournament of the year the confrontation between Faker and Chovy , almost as a father against son was dealt with. Well, the first game there were no complications on the part of the two teams and went to picks Insurance for themselves as they are Orianna for Faker and the Invictated Apalelios of GUMAYUSI , which still does not know the defeat in these world . The next two games, the confrontation in the midlane was to be the same: Leblanc vs Lissandra with crushing victory for the ice witch.

Thus, the historic Korean club is once again in the world s semifinals with FAKER and GUMAYUSI unstoppable . The demon king already knows what the Stage is and it seems that it is the most comfortable place to fight. On the other hand, the shooter is harvesting the life tournament of it with enviable numbers to be the first international meeting of him and fighting you to you with Canyon for the tournament s most valued player award. We will have to wait for your rival next Sunday, but we are sure it will be a huge series that will leave a mark at the League of Legends International for the rest of its history, as happened in the 2019 semifinal front to G2 ESPORTS and in 2016 against Rox Tigers.