After the club had criticized the processes in the fan block on the harshest, the Rostockers on the club s own website now gave the Ag-South (a representative of fan groupings on the southstande) opportunity to publish the following statement:

As with many other topics around our association, we also discussed in the AG-Süd also discussed this incident with the Management Board and the Supervisory Board – with the result that a border was exceeded for the AG-Süd with the wallpaper!

In support, it should go first and foremost around Hansa. Hansa is our passion – a passion that everyone is certainly interpreted differently and overlooks different! But for all, we always bear a responsibility for our club. We all have the privilege to be part of the cogge. To be righteous to his responsibility, it is also means making it easy for our club and relating to position. This wallpaper has nothing with the F.C. Hansa and the values ​​to do for which our club stands.