What is urgently needed to test a game? Right, you have to play it. With this relatively self-explanatory intent we installed LEBS Gate, made us ready to complete a pair of crisp multiplayer battles …

Well. Would be, bike chain, as you say so beautiful. We really tried and wanted to deliver our test to Lehnis Gate here. Wanted to go to the different modes, balancing what it is new and maybe better compared to other genre representatives.

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1st 1starten: The Game: The Experience: The Game
2. 2fow round long in the continuous fire
3. 3We are not alone!

We sat there for two days, were there, playing around the settings, the blame was looking for with us, in the game, God and the world.

Our track record after these two days: five rounds we could play. They also ran liquid and without great problems. But we say so: if you have to wait between the matches over five hours, the slightly at the quality of the total experience gnaws.

Waiting: The Game: The Experience: The Game

But let s talk very theoretically. What would Lehnis Gate if we could have tested? Well, a multiplayer shooter with a very interesting idea, as we could convince ourselves in the few minutes of playing time. In the round-based online shooter, our kills and defeats from past laps also influence the events in the coming matches.

Any, the Lehnis Gate in the nearest test: We wanted, but we could not! (1). Source: PC Games each five rounds takes 25 seconds. If one is beaten away, our past character does not disappear, but remains on the map and performs exactly the actions that you have previously executed. Side effect: Our old age ego (Haha) was shot down in the last round, we can save it in the coming match and thus change the past … or the future? Oh, everything is very confusing!

Depending on the mode, the round-based or everyone works in real time. If you play with alternating attacks, you can watch the playing field with a drone, while the opponent makes its move, and plan accordingly strategically.

Who has already got off, because that sounds awfully complicated: is it too. In practice and with a little practice, however, it still works well from the hand.

So maybe. That was at least our impression after the five matches.

Five rounds in the continuous fire

These heroes are in the fight aside. Source: PC Games For the five rounds, five different heroes are used accordingly. Each hero has different weapons and special skills that can still save a seemingly lost round. Maybe the balancing succeeded, maybe not. We would just like to give our assessment. But you know.

What ever was interesting: In just five matches, the game managed to taste us with opponents every time, which were so much about our experience level, that we did not have the touch of a chance. Also a performance.

We are not alone!

We have read positive tests to the game on the Internet, so it must be somehow possible to find a functioning lobby. Just we do not know how. We tried different settings, have searched for a long period of time, started at different times – nothing helped. If we had briefly hoped to get into a lobby for a charging screen, this hope was taken by the appearance of an error message – this game moved across many, many hours.

Is it to us? No, apparently not. Yes, there are people who have no problems with Lehnis Gate fun and apparently no problems. However, numerous interested players around the world report similar and sometimes even more drastic problems than we have experienced them. After all, there are no reports of PCs and consoles that have caught spontaneously fire after the start of the game – so far.

Lehnis Gate is theoretically published on September 28, 2021 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, and maybe quite well. Who knows! We are not.

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These heroes are in the fight aside. [Source: PC Games]

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