[Data provided: App Annie]

\ – App Annie, Mobile Games Consolidated 2021 Mobile Games Announcement

\ – Worldwide Consumers, 3Q11 Games App 14 billion times download and expend to over 27 kilon

\ – Korea Consumers, 3Q Mobile games about 1.7 trillion won spending

\ – 3Q12 Average weekly game consumer spending around the world, 35% increase in 2019, before the fan dick

\ – Korea, Most of the most downloaded , MAU 1st,

App Annie, the most trusted mobile data and analysis platform in the industry, published the Mobile Games settlement in the third quarter of 2021.

In the third quarter of 2021, consumers worldwide downloaded by iOS and Google Play about 14.5 billion mobile games, and we have spent $ 23 billion (about 27 KRW), the highest quarterly record. Among them, Korean consumers spend $ 14.6 billion (about 1.7 trillion won) and accounted for about 6.5% of global expenditures. The average weekly game consumer spending worldwide in the third quarter was analyzed by 35% YoY to the third quarter of 2019.

According to the Korean top mobile game charts in the third quarter of the 2021, NCsoft s MMORPG has recorded the most downloads. Followed by the Adventure RPG <Re: This World Living Lost Starting Memories, which starts from the RPG <RE: Memories, which starts from the RPG, the Action RPG of Hong Kong Hero Entertainment, and the Action RPG <Faning: Gray Raven, respectively, accounted for 2 and 3, respectively.

In the domestic consumer expenditure, MMORPG (Odin), which was released in April, was ranked No. 223rd than the last quarter. Soft s and have been on the stairs, and stayed at 2, third, and steadily protected the top rights.

The number of monthly active users in Korea (MAU) ranking is based on the Roblocks and formally launched by the meta bus, and the supercell, which maintains a steady popularity, even the same as the last quarter 1, 2th place. Third place was the third place in the Arcade Games Infinite Stairs in the Enfli Studios, and showed a stairway to the last two quarters.

The casual game of outpit 7, which recorded the largest downloads in the world in the third quarter, the Casual Games took the first place in two parts of the download and MAU.

In addition, the unreal engine 4 and 3D scanning, and the motion capture technology, <Odin, which provides excellent graphics, is the fastest growing mobile game, which is the fastest growing mobile game in the world And it cleared the presence. The success of shows the possibility that the core MMORPG genre can exert a sufficient power in the mobile market.

App Anie officials say the spread of mobile games in the world, especially emerging markets and is more active and the growth of the middle class, and the spread of the middle class, and the spread of smartphones in mobile market growth, said Mobile Market, Situated as a universal gaming platform, it is expected that the number of mobile game downloads and expenditures will showcase the number of mobile game downloads and expenditures to show steady growth after the Weed Corona period.