Refer A Friend, or simply RAF, is a very popular element in the simply RAF genre, which allows you to invite the title friends to play (although they can also be randoms) and unlock attractive prizes.

How will it work in Dual Universe?

Own recruiter Link (available in our account options) We send a / random to a friend who, with its use, creates a new game account. And now the most important thing. Every time this friend / random purchases the game time (7 euros for a month of fun) we can count on cool gifts.

The longer our friend will pay the game, the better items we will receive. These are not only teleporkers or other cosmetic items, but even free subscriptions.

Details here .

Dual Universe is a great, ambitious and a breakthrough MMO ( Best Space MMO Building Game ), which offers total freedom in the way of the game. Each player can build their own spaceship, cross the next planets, colonize them … and do everything that your soul deserves.

The Absolute State of the MMORPG Genre...
The game is currently in (payable) beta.