As a player, I have the right to say this: players are sometimes the worst people with whom treat. Blue Box Game Studios is in the first lodges to see how terrible players can receive death threats from them.

On Twitter, Blue Box Game Studios asked players to stop sending them death threats. These are human beings who manufacture a video game. They work hard and do not need this kind of harassment. Frankly, no one needs this kind of harassment.

It s always a situation so frustrating. Blue Box Game Studios is not the first and will certainly not be the last studio to receive death threats from the so-called video game fans. It is undeniable that Blue Box Games Studios has not at all well managed the marketing of abandoned. This does not justify their lives being threatened. At all.

A message from us. Human being.

  • Blue Box Game Studios (@bbgamestudios) October 17, 2021

Going Down The Blue Box Game Studios Rabbit Hole...

It must stop. Not only to Blue Box Game Studio, but to all studios. This is an entirely unnecessary and harmful action. A death threat does not solve anything. It will not bring out the game earlier. This will not change the way it has been marketed. This will not improve the game. All that happens is that you make people behind the miserable game. What do you think it really does?

It s a lot too common in the sphere of the game, and it s a huge reason why I do not intervene with the community when I can avoid it. I do not speak in online games. I do not very often use the text chat. It s rare that I join a guild because there is a good chance that I meet miserable people, and I have no patience for that. Sometimes the games disgust people.

Source: Twitter