In October 2009, Runic Games with Torchlight ensured a wharf surprise that did not have to hide from the Genre s Genre like Diablo 2. Torchlight became a beloved cult game under ARPG fans and received two action-packed successors with Torchlight II (2012) and Torchlight III (Developed by Echtra Games, 2020), which also on the fast combat system, the unique classes and the innovative companion system.

Now, twelve years later, we look back on a complete hack & slay trilogy, and the responsible persons at Perfect World celebrate the anniversary and the achieved achievements with a freshly published trailer and the largest discounts of Torchlight history. Torchlight II and III are now and until 18.10. In the Nintendo eShop up to 75 percent more favorable. On Steam you can even dust all three games with a discount of 80 percent. Whether you have saved the world already and conquered the front or the world of Torchlight only wants to enter: This is the best time to experience the games according to the developers!

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