New World is an ambitious mmorpg of pirate theme developed and published by Amazon Games, and comes with tons of exciting features as large-scale PVP wars, as well as separate economies in each region that are completely driven by players. The game also has a collection system and rather robust elaboration, with many materials that you can try to cultivate. Here is How to get clams and what New World are used.

Bring clams New World

The clams can only be achieved by fishing in New World, and they are quite rare. They are certainly worth the fishing effort, since they can be sold by a good sum of money in the post of commerce, or can be collected in more useful items.

First, the clams can only be achieved by fishing in saltwater places. This means that you have to fish in the ocean, not rivers or lakes, if you want to have the opportunity to get them. In addition to that, the use of baits that help you catch larger fish can actually hurt you, so you may have to consider avoiding the bait completely.

There is a fishing place in Monarch s Bluffs that serves as a fantastic access point for clams, although you must first acquire your fishing skill at level 34. We have marked the location of the great fishing place in the screenshot below, And it will become active every 30 minutes approximately.

When it is active (that is, if you see fish jumping out of the water), she threw your rod to have the opportunity to catch a clam.

What are they for

Or you will want to pick up your clams at New World or sell them in the commercial position. Collecting a clam will always give you a clam bait, which will give you a medium boost to capture larger fish in fresh water. However, you also have the opportunity to get a pearl every time you collect it.

The accounts can be inserted into your weapons or armor to give you the advantage of luck, which increases your chances of getting rare drops of enemies.

That s all you need to know How to get clams and what New World are used for. Be sure to consult our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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