I want to try to come back to my old level. This will be a long way, because I still have a lot of work in front of me. But I know I can do it, said the 25-year-old in an interview of the Weser Curier (Saturday). The professional of the German Team Bora-Hansgrohe had also received a five-month break for Mental Problems at the end of May and now wants to give Cape Epic in South Africa from Sunday to the Mountain Biker race until 24 October.

One reason for his mental problems was the lack of internal balance in setbacks. I did not make up the time I had to get out of my tunnel as a competitive sportsman. And that s getting bigger rashes – on one side of this totally focused training, on the other side the time in which I do not Trained, said Kombna.

2019 Absa Cape Epic | Men's Highlights Show
In the break he made a sailing license and spent a lot of time with his family and friends. An insight: If everything is going great, he s clear. But as soon as there are difficulties, I have problems to get me satisfying away from the sport. I missed it to open me for other things to develop other interests. I have lived wrong, Kombna reported.

Kombna relies on friends and family: Hope to become more balanced and happier

Even the stage win at the Tour de France in September 2020 did not make him permanently happy. Even after a success, he never feel the total satisfaction. In the future he wanted to make some things differently. I have invited many friends and family in recent weeks to spend time with them. That s extremely little happened in recent years. And I realize today how much I missed. I want this time Integrate in my performance. Because I hope to become more balanced and happier, Kampna said.