Warframe is the new offer of the week in the PlayStation Store. For the Free2Play action game, there are both premium currency and two content packages cheaper, namely the sisters of Parvo s surf package as well as the sisters of Parvos surfing package, both of which appeared in July of this year. The deals are considered usual until Wednesday next week.

Warframe in the offer of the week of the PlayStation Store

Here is a brief overview of the offers:

Premium currency:

370 Platinum instead of 17,99 € for € 13.49 (-25%)
1000 Platinum + Mod Instead 49,99 € for € 34.99 (-30%)
2100 Platinum + 2 mods instead 99,99 € for 59,99 € (-40%)
3125 Platinum + 3 mods instead of 129,99 € for 64.99 € (-50%)


Sisters of Parvos surf package instead 36.99 € for € 18.49
Sisters of Parvos Seward Package instead of 9,99 € for 5,99 €

What is warframe?

Warframe has long been one of the most popular Free2play games in the market, so most of you have certainly heard of it. What exactly is it in the warframe, however, the few people who have not played yet, which is because it is not so easy to explain. Here is an attempt:

A caste of super cries: Roughly gross you can describe warframe as a mixture of science-fiction roleplaying and third person shooter, which also contains stroke, melee and parking mechanisms. Our play figure belongs to the Old War Castle of Tenno, which was in the low sleep over centuries and he has to recognize after her awakening that things in the meantime are not developing good. Almost all the fractions of the solar system are refined with it.

Huge extensions: Our own spaceship serves as a stroke, from which we can start missions, both alone and in the co-op. Originally, these missions took place in relatively narrow, procedural generated levels. Meanwhile, Warframe was extended to extended huge, open areas. For example, the Moon Deimos Moon was added last year. The most recent extension Corpus Proxima brings with three new planets.

Versatile: In addition to co-op and solo missions, you can also participate in PVP struggles if you want. In general, you can now spend time in a very diverse way in Warframe, because since the start in 2013, new ideas and game systems have been added. This can be a bit overwhelming at first glance, but you do not need to look through the warframe right completely to have fun. The fact that you can always discover new aspects, actually make up to some extent the charm of the game and ensures high long-term motivation.

Warframe in the offer of the week of the PlayStation Store

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