Mid-day is the moment of the day between twelve noon as well as evening. It is the time when the sun is coming down from its peak overhead to rather prior to its terminus at the horizon in the west. In human life, it inhabits approximately the last half of the basic work as well as institution day. In actual terms, it refers to a time particularly after noontime. The equivalent of Earth s afternoon on an additional world would certainly describe the time the major star of that global system would remain in descent from its prime meridian, as seen from the planet s surface.

In my life and video game I have never committed an act of infidelity as great as the one that perpetrated an afternoon of September 2009 when I opted to buy FIFA 10 and leave PES 2010 aside. Buy a FIFA and not a pes! What madness! Today can sound up logical, but my love for PES in 2000 was so huge that I never thought that such an act of betrayal with premeditation, nocturny and surfers behind me, then, still dear konami . The act was like breaking with my lifelong girlfriend . Were other times, and the way through the desert of Pro Evolution Soccer recalls the passages of Moses and the Jews to the promised land, so my betrayal, definitely, was more than justified: my relationship with Japanese balompéssa saga He exhausted. There was no more love.

Finally EFOOTBALL 2022 first look and gameplay ????

However, I must admit that in the last three years I hoded some hope and I saw crystallize the promises that Adam Bhatti was made from the Far E3 2015 and the old memories of an ancient romance began to flourish: Did you pee good times for PES After so many years of hardships ? My confidence was such in the project that I even seemed coherent and an exercise of honesty not to launch a PE last year. Impulse to premiere for everything high in the new generation! , I thought, poor of me . Beyond what may seem efootball today, that I redee for the analysis, the damage that they have done to the brand will be difficult to heal and the lost occasion is uppercase, so that in the last two days they have been able to Dynamite all good work done by PES in the last lustro.

Efootball has been able to energize all the good job of PES in the last lustro Do you remember when Pubg went before the Fortnite Battle Royale? The software of the creators of Gears of War, already released, adapted the idea of ​​Brendan Greene to his video game for free. In the blink of an eye, the audience restless by the genus Battle Royale, but not to spend 30 euros , it was added to millions to the proposal of an EPIC that, without being very conscious, was creating the playable phenomenon more explosive and massive than we have from the 21st century. Saving distances, the situation of Efootball with its daring happened to the F2P seemed like a perfect occasion to put on the table the heir of PES 2020 at the doors of the new generation and present battle to FIFA without the barrier to buy the game at full price And overtaking a few days at what EA Sports was in hand, as he did EPIC in his day.

What do we have today? A game grotesquely short content and a collection of bugs and graphic and playable problems worthy of a product that needs a few more cooking. Do you remember when Konami launched a few months ago an online test without prior notice and we all thought it would be a Bobo experiment to test online connections? Well, it turns out that this was what the Japanese firm had in mind after PES 2020 and in what has crystallized the new brand after a year of paron. The situation is delirious and even absurd, but I think that the memes and technical problems that are being shared in the last days are covering the sun of something much fatter: nothing will be the same again in virtual soccer.

Nothing will be the same again in virtual football Konami has more than an unrecognizable decade is evident, but that the effort I was doing Adam Bhatti s team for Return the dignity to the great sports brand of the House was also , that s why I m terribly just what is happening. When I thought that reconciliation with PES was closer than ever and forgiveness and coexistence with the brand was just around the corner, the saga commits one of those surrealist outbursts that discredit it and sinks in the hole of the memes. In the times that run it is difficult to get out of there: ask not Man s Sky as long, work and effort has required to get emerging from the mud; Ask yourself how long you will take Cyberpunk 2077 to get out of there … If it comes out .

Definitely, the situation is delicate for Efootball, and although our partner Martín has been able to play a more advanced version and better than seen at the premiere of yesterday, the reality is that Japanese publisher is going to need something more than a more refined version To recover the lost prestige of the last days. As Piqué would say, is what there is , but that does not do less sad.