Before the duel of FC Bayern Munich in the Champions League against Dynamo Kiev on Wednesday evening (21 clock live on Dazn ), coach Julian Nagelsmann has told a crazy anecdote about Niklas Süle. Kingsley Coman falls up for the game and Serge Gnabry does not want to know anything about a favorite role.

Requested on the Slee betrayed Nagelsmann that he had a special wire to the central defender. He takes a good development and makes it professional. If everything runs normally, you will hopefully no longer recognize Niki as he was a few months ago, announced the FCB coach.

Slee and Nagelsmann have already known since from the offspring of the TSG Hoffenheim. He is an outstanding footballer. You forget that at Eintracht Frankfurt was a trained tenure, said Nagelsmann and explained how he had slowly introduced Slee to his present position: He is then under my current co-trainer Xaver Zembrod And successfully moved back to me. He used half a year and thought of him, what the two idiots do with me, but today he is happy about it.

Nagelsmann are almost all spilors against Kiev. Kingsley Coman, however, is how to expect his heart surgery as no option . Nevertheless, he was happy and radiated according to Nagelsmann.

But it had been from the beginning of the plan to run Coman two weeks. He needs a perfect foundation to bring his mega quality in the place . Also against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga game on Sunday make a commitment rather no sense .

Also fail, Corentin Tolisso, where it looks like his calf injury but already better .

FC Bayern: Press Conference with Nagelsmann and Gnabry in the LiveTicker for reading

The WARS from the press conference.

Nagelsmann over the stream program and the stress through the national team: The last country break was not so tinging now. Since we have gotten a few injured, which is trying to avoid. But I can understand that a national coach his best Players do not leave outside. He also wants to win his games. This is at Hansi Flick so and also with all others. You will be paid for you to play good football. In the end, a good interaction between coaches and physicians is important. Nobody has Interest that its best players are injured. For the term indensation neither the club trainer nor the national coach can do something. These are superior departments that are concerned with it. Every person should stay healthy and the player simply suffers from too much flood of games So we have to throw an eye that the players get enough breaks.

Nagelsmann reveals Slee-Anecdote

Nagelsmann again over Gnabry: I have not made anything conscious with him and not so many conversations led. I have long known him, if not as long as Niki. We already had a good wire in Hoffenheim and it worked neat , I see it so that he has to be free and not too much about what he does. He makes a lot about the instinct and has the street footballer gene.

Nagelsmann over his professional career and his sky in training: I have done everything to become a professional footballer himself. I still like to play. Of course, far from the level of my players. If you have a leadership position, then you should inspire yourself for the products. If you work in a deodorary factory, then you should also like to use DEO. If you are football coach, then the sport should be tickling. So you can see it sometimes that I still have fun there

Nagelsmann over Pires: Was a horny player. And if a horny player has an opinion, I ll hear, of course, it is important to confirm things that the others say.

Nagelsmann about a use of Kimmich: He will play, the consideration to protect him, there is not. He is a permanent runner. We will see how the game is running. I m talking to Hansi, maybe there is there With him the consideration that he can puffen. But there is no need. Last, I have changed him, he is not used to it.

Nagelsmann over Slee: I have a certain wire to him, I know him since the youth. I know where his potentials and where his construction sites are. He takes a good development and makes it professional. If everything runs normal Hopefully you will not recognize Niki as he was a few months ago. He is an outstanding footballer. It is forgotten that he was a trained ten at Eintracht Frankfurt. He is then under my current co-trainer Xaver Zembrod and myself successively backwards moved. Half a year, What do the two idiots do with me , but today he is happy about it. But he still has the numbers in them. He has to show that in the game with the ball even more , then he has more influence on the offensive events, because I try to talk out of him.

Nagelsmann confirms: Coman not against Kiev

Nagelsmann over the almost healthy squad: A complete squad is of course important. Since you have the starting in training, even from the challengers.

Nagelsmann over Coman: It s fine. He is shining and happy that he can stand in the square again. For tomorrow he is not an issue because we have decided to practice him first. You take care that he does not get muscular injuries.

Nagelsmann About Kiev: We showed the team a few scenes. They are in their league in the vast majority of the pota preim and have a young team. They have a very compact center, Benfica did not make it, a goal to achieve. The two tips always defend with. It will be our main task to play the block.

Nagelsmann over Gnabry: You have to be careful. He often has little sloves. That s because he was often not in the rhythm, since he has little problems. Since you have a good eye on that he is full of it. This is the task of the coaching team. He is incredibly professionally, with him it is not because he does not feed well, or not captured the profession. There is simply players who always make players who are always easy Have problems. He is very important to me as a guy, he brings a good mood in. Of course, he is also important, he has a good conclusion, a good feeling and good ideas. Player with quality in conjunction with the character, since I enjoyed I watch him every day.

Nagelsmann about the role of Davies he explained Beidazn: This varies. I did not explain all the details. If you are invited, you should also tell something, but I think we have enough secrets that we have enough secrets are not to be through. It is the task of the trainer that the players are used on their best position. That always depends on the coach and is therefore not manifested. Phonzie plays again and again on another position, which has the rest structure to do the field. If at the beginning of the year individual talks lead with the players and you ask me on which position I plan to plan, I answer: Basically on all. I just ask for a certain variability of the players.

That s it from Gnabry. Immediately we go with Nagelsmann.

Gnabry is not commented on contract calls

Gnabry about his goals: Before my change to Bavaria, it was my goal that it comes as it came now. I am proud that I have reached that. For the next few years I prefer to become even better. Win and be good is fun.

Gnabry about his preferred system (three or four-circling): That does not make a big difference. On the moment, a lot runs right now. At the moment it s going very well and it s very good that we are so variable.

Gnabry about team spirit as a factor for the Champions League: This is a tricky factor. If you are in the final, there are two teams that absolutely want to win. That s why I think that a team that understands, too Has a better chance. The last few years worked well here. We all understand each other well and that makes a lot of things. That makes the whole thing easier.

Gnabry about Nagelsmann s emotionality: It s his way he denies the games. He is an emotional person – and that s okay for us. Even if it s negative, we know we do not take it personally should.

Gnabry about a contract extension: I can not say anything concrete.

Gnabry about the praise of Robert Pires: This year, there is many good teams after the transfer summer. We are within the team in the pure and have a great mood. We keep together, Mega Bock and hunger for success. We want to win the Champions League and we definitely have a team with which we can do that.

Gnabry: Listen the first time we re favorite

Gnabry over favorite role: We do not see that because it s the first time that I hear that we are the big favorite. Of course, the victory against Barca was good and important. Also in height. Nonetheless If tomorrow is an opponent who tries to make us hard to make life. That s why we have to be full of there and have the greed to win the game – and you have to first create that.

Gnabry About Kiev: We already know some players from the national team. They acted very robust and dynamically. First and foremost they want to keep the zero back and then put accents forward. We have seen that in the video.

Gnabry over breaks through the squad: We have a big and well-stocked squad. There are so many games there that you can not make every game and must have a lot of good players who are always there. That s very important. If I have problems, it s good to make breaks. Otherwise, not (laughs).

Gnabry About Musiala: I experience him like everyone else. Just as well and down to earth. He has a lot big one in front of him and I wish him the best. The time in England can help when you play abroad, Do you also learn other styles. I helped the robustness, prevailed then – and certainly.

Gnabry about his health after his flu infection: I feel better again.

Gnabry about concentration: We always take new Ziezle before and think of game to game. With the last results, of course, there is a lot of fun and we want to maintain.

Serge Gnabry is here. It starts!

Before starting: It starts soon, it should start on time.

Before starting: The staff situation has relaxed in recent weeks. Even Kingsley Coman has returned to the training place after his surgery, but no option for Kiev. Are there any other short-term failures?

Before starting: In the second group game of the Champions League, the German record champion meets on Wednesday at 21 o clock (live at Dazn ) on Dynamo Kiev. The first group game had won Bayern confidently 3-0 at FC Barcelona.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Liveticker for the press conference of FC Bayern with coach Julian Nagelsmann and Serge Gnabry. Let s start at 1.30 pm.

Recordsters of FC Bayern: Müller climbs

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