He had a last package to be delivered, at the Sam Porter Bridges guy. A last trip to perform. Obviously that it was going to be part of PlayStation 5. Already arrived on PC as part of an increasingly pronounced opening policy for Sony exclusives, Death Stranding thus landed on the new machine of the manufacturer In a Director s Cut version, including Kojima barely to assume the nomenclature. And we must admit that we understand it a little.

On will not make the affront to present you again Death Stranding . That s what we could have said that being completely honest. The truth is that it has already taken us thousands of signs to try the feat a first time, we would be an unconscious hair to want to reproduce it here in a few lines. No, if you really have never heard of the game, we invite you rather to go watering – first – of this pretty tartine, written during a dark night of November 2019. And to join us in a few lines because After all, this PlayStation 5 edition is probably more turned towards you. As for others, those who opiniate from the chief when they talk to them about chiral matter, BB and False, he will first have to ask the question: Do you want to go back?