Blizzard tries another time to balance the witch champion inhearthstone. At least on the paper, the Nerfs look good.

Although the last Hearthstone extension United in StormWind has been released a whole while, the balance is still herb and beet . Many players simply do not feel like the current meta and returning to the game. The witcheister is especially annoying. That s exactly what it s about the collar again. But if that is finally enough?

What is the problem? Although wagemaster has no extremely high range of victory with your quest deck, other players feel the fight against witch champions extremely boring. Already after a few trains you have finished your quest and actually play only your own game without really interacting with the opponent.

What is changed exactly? The quest of the witch champion is generated. It becomes more difficult to complete and even completely blocked in a game mode. We have all the adjustments for you in detail.

The Nerfs for the witch champion

The quest The Demon SAAT and Making the Connection becomes more difficult to fulfill. For the first quest step, the witch champion now requires 8 suffered damage (instead of 6) and for the second step also 8 damage (instead of 7). The last step remains unchanged. This should ensure that one or two trains do more before the quest is completed. In addition, the quest in wild game mode is completely locked and can not be installed in decks.

The Rune-orzed mythrilrute becomes more expensive, the mana cost rises from 3 to 4. This ensures that the wagemmeister can play them later and only benefits from the reduced mana cost.

The Nerfs for the priest

The legendary servant Trinity Illucia was revised. Your effect does not exchanger hand cards and deck with those of the opponent, but replaces the priest s hand through a copy of the opponent s hand until the end of the train. Thus, the developers want to counteract an unplanned game style, where ILLUCIA was played very early in the game to skip the train of the opponent quasi.

The Nerfs for the shaman

The magic durable flame of the shaman is more expensive, as he was too strong. The mana costs rise from 1 to 2, thus effectively doubled. For a card that has the potential to clean up the whole field, a reasonable price.

The final quest step ranging the flames will take a little more difficult. Instead of 3 cards with overcharging, the shaman must play 3 cards with overcharging in the future to access the enjoyment of Stormrufer Bru kan.

The Nerfs for the Demon Hunter

The servant Angerbound Bat was a little too strong. His mana costs are therefore increased from 7 mana to 8 mana. It gets a bit more difficult to play them on the same train in which the Demon Hunter pulled many cards.

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Buffs for 7 cards and 3 classes

In addition to the big Nerfs, however, there is also a whole series of improvements in the patch. Especially hunters, magicians and warriors benefit from significant enhancements that could favor a few new deck types.

The leather processing set, a weapon of the hunter, is halved at its expense. They sink from 2 mana to 1 mana.

The electoral breeder becomes more resistant. His life points rise from 1 to 3, which will remain much longer on the battlefield.

The magic magic Ruffire is cheaper. The mana costs sink from 2 to 1, making it more attractive to increase the damage of heroic ability.

The legendary magician servant MORDRESH fire eye is adjusted. His values ​​are shrunk from 10/10 to 8/8, but also sink the mana costs of 10 to 8. This can be played by Mordresh still in the round after the last, necessary heroic ability was used.

HearthStone  - Demon Hunter new Portrait Aranna Starseeker and Card Back - (17.6.2020)

The warrior s storm wind worship was a bit improved. Your life points rise from 3 to 4.

The anchor of the stone crushers of warriors gets the same treatment. His life points are increased by 1, so they rise from 5 to 6.

And also the blood control matros in the warrior gets an HP syringe. The life points rise from 1 to 2.

What do you think about the changes? Meaningful buffs and nerfs? Or does Blizzard have no idea what they actually do?