A couple of weeks ago we live a tense moment in the European League of Legends community. One of the most followed signaling rumor accounts of the scene, lec wooloo , published a message in which it claimed that Team Bds had signed most of the Schalke 04 staff, team that relevs in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) from 2022.

This fact, it could well be more information from this anonymous filter that uses a sheep Pokémon as a profile picture, opened the Pandora s box. Members of the team denying the information, a crowd of puyas among members of the journalistic sphere close to Lec and a campaign against the Pokémon accounts that have been born following the success of Wooloo.

not only is it okay … you have to be accurate

The situation of the signings in the electronic sports teams, and especially in League of Legends, is very particular. Since players are known to perfection, and they play all-day training games between them, besides that clubs, either they are not very right in communication of signings, or postpone their ads to create a thousand content around Of them … because it is not easy to hide information .

Let s put the example of a few tryouts , those tests that make the teams to find talent in a series of holders. It is practically impossible that the names of the members are not filtered for various ways, starting with the players themselves. Although this may be a gift for those who publish this information, it is also a double-edged weapon, because you will always be at the expense of that information can become interested .

The signings, like any published information, must be contrasted by several sources to avoid this type of biase. But besides that, it must be accurate, something that was adoled by that Wooloo report. By saying that the majority of Schalke staff is signing by BDS, even if it is true, you are making those who are looking for Club for next year, now they can be sprinkled by information and lose the interest of these clubs. Your information may be true, but not being concrete, generate a problem.

Let us not forget that, although you can have a cordial relationship between journalists, reporters and these accounts such as Lec Wooloo, Journalism of Exclusive is, by definition, competitive . The important thing is to be the first and be successful, while the form of drafting or the additional or contextual content, sadly, will be a mere accessory for many of the interested parties.

In League of Legends we have tested people as Jacob Wolf and his partner at Doutsports Pablo Suárez, a few sharks of the rumors such as Esportmaniacs, means of other countries and these Pokémon accounts born to wheel of Wooloo. In the variety is the pleasure, but it is also important that fans know what to expect from each source and be critical. Possibly it is the sport in which it is easier to get rumors, but that does not mean that everyone can do a good job.

How do edger journalists work in other sports?

This one above is not another that Fabrizio Romano , a 28-year-old journalist who has 5 million followers on Twitter and whose direct figures reach dizzy figures in the middle of signings. He almost 10 years ago since he started working at Sky Sports and since then he has been hitting himself without stopping with the millionaire agreements that move in the world of football.

I have commented with several sports journalists, and listened to many others, talk about how complicated it is to announce a signing in football before it is done. In fact, anyone can intuit it by seeing how the portals of the newspapers fail more than they accelerate. The reason is not that journalists are bad, or who sell the rumors a lot, that a little too … the reason is that There are too many interests and confidentiality agreements to have access to a miserable signing.

So, how is Romano capable of knowing all the signings from Europe to the Minute and publish them on your Twitter from your home? Since there is a factor of good connections and generation of a large contact agenda, but it falls by Your own weight that Romano is a product. Simply see the huge amount of messages about certain players, leagues and teams specifically, to realize that Romano serves as a speaker on many occasions.

The crumbs of bread tell us that they would be certain agents and certain club owners, who could be behind this icon created by football marketing. This is not a criticism of Romano, or to the methods of him, but an explanation for that omnishapience of the one who galas. In the ESPORTS, agents are not so developed and could not have a portfolio of players as wide as in football, but they could be a news source in a timely manner.

NBA and NFL, exclusive custom

Fabrizio Romano can be a special case, since European football is a beaten of leagues, agents, federations and other actors, but in North America there is no lot of leaf. Journalists as Adrian Wojnaroski and shams Charania at NBA , and Adam Schefter E Ian Rapoport In NFL , they announce each movement with a minimum error for years. They even publish some news of the leagues before they make it official.

Here we are clear that these journalists are nothing more than spokespersons of competitions , and also agglutinators of interest. Possibly the community would be disinterested during the signing market, with less desire to know the news that if they did not have notifications of the woj bombs on their mobiles. In the same way, when those leagues want to give you a certain bias to the information at key moments as it could be a search, they already have these journalistic referents to echo.

This fact is more interesting for our world, since Riot Games knows that the signings generate illusion and expectation in fans, which does not stop involving better audiences and, therefore, more income. It would not be crazy that Riot Games seek to create this type of Wojnaroski profiles in the future. In fact, who knows if they are not doing it already?