Now that you can also offer him a Bluetooth headset, it’s more than ever time to downgle your Nintendo Switch a little more than usual and take it into a walk. For this trip in nature, Grandma has found light protection because autumn is not yet there, and a very green – and excellent – joystick to better play the screen on a picnic table. By getting home, a little reading and music, and for right now, a very good weekend to all.

the artbook of the week

Available and french , this art book dedicated to visuals of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is located in 39,90 € Chez Cultura , Fnac And Amazon . Edited by Mana Books, the work of more than 300 pages for nearly 2 kg fills its traditional role of developer book on glossy paper, with comments from the different teams as well as Moult visual elements in 3D or not drawn from the development of the game : Characters, places, objects, enemies, costumes, weapons, etc. What to delight fans. The usual routine, what.

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Switch accessory of the week

As modest, this Hybrid Cover + protection screen -Splatoon 2 is 9,99 € instead of € 19.99 (-50%) at Micromania .

If the cover bores you inversely proportional to the time you have for this, and if you appreciate the deductible at the octopus, the owner or owner of Switch that you will see only benefits and the minimum protection. But present on this accessory, a bit like pegasus armor. Because yes, this flap protects, and it even offers a screen more. That is the demand of the people ? If it’s originality, here it is.

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the vinyl of the week

Guess who returns in stock to 27,99 € at Fnac , Leclerc and Amazon ? The band-sound vinyl Dedemon’s Souls Of course. Quite difficult to catch since leaving last June, the double lp with the shot by Ken Taylor always contains on 21 tracks The music of the remake exclusive to the ps5 Registered at the London Air Studios, and rearranged by Bill Hemstapat from the original compositions of Shunsuke Kida in 2009, all played by 75 musicians and 40 choristers. To give you the desire to possess all this in physics, so maybe the elekey console, you just have to listen to the theme of the ignited roower , for example.

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PlayStation · Demon’s Souls (Original Soundtrack) – Flameurker

the Switch handle of the week

In the family of ghosts, this time in a real good plan, this Bluetooth Enhanced Wireless – Animal Crossing Nook Inc. From Chez Powera for Switch , PC and of course Android , tested and approved by granny, price drop to 47,50 € instead of € 49.99 (-5%) at Amazon . As said sudden, it is already that and there is no small savings.

Strong of its additional buttons below the handles, it compensates for its absence of HD vibrations and NFC reading by an autonomy of 30 hours and a form equivalent to its direct competitor signed Nintendo, vis- to which it thus fulfills almost the same functions, for cheaper. Finally, it even offers movement controls, in case you need it. A perfect second handle for holders and holders of an official pro , and an excellent first joystick for others.

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