Mode: The goal difference is crucial again

A dramatic championship final of the 2020/21 season decided at the end of the direct comparison. The THW Kiel submitted a draw at the Rhein-Neckar Löwen (25:25) to assert himself against the same northrival SG Flensburg-Handewitt. The first leg against the SG had clearly won the Zebras (29:21), the second leg only lost with three goals (28:31). This policy change was decided in July 2020 on express wish by national coach Alfred Gislason, who hoped for more resting phases for the international. But for the new season 2021/22 it goes back to the old rule: The goal difference is crucial again, only if this is exactly the same, the direct comparison is used.

again 18 instead of 20 teams

For discharge, certainly ensures the reduction of the league. In the Corona season 2020/21, the HBL with 20 teams went to the start, four off and two newcomers now ensure the return to 18 teams. The 2nd league, in the season 2021/22 with 20 representatives, should be reduced to 18 clubs as soon as possible. Coburg and food rose as newcomers directly, also Nordhorn Lingen and the owls Ludwigshafen fought in vain for the Bundesliga league. This is this season of Tus N-Lübbecke and HSV Hamburg back in the House. Especially the HSVH, which, among other things, reinforced with Johannes Bitter (Treaty by 2026), the class blast is trusted.

The big return of the fans

Taking Over the Game (Deadman Season 2)

That the handball is not yet over the mountain, HBL Managing Director Frank Bohmann recently made it clear. The more important is the return of the fans: As a model project, Master Kiel starts 9000 spectators, at Arrival Flensburg, 4600 are admitted. From the National Supercup last Saturday a signal should go out – but instead of the hoped for nearly 8000 spectators came in Dusseldorf only 3007 in the hall. Bohmann expects again a crisis year, which the fans should descend as well as possible. The return to the normality is already a wish of us, says Bohmann.

These are the HBL new arrivals for the season 2021/22