Without hot cloths: This has been the worst season in the story of G2 ESPORTS Since the team is at the maximum European competition of League of Legends. This fact, it is added that they will not play the Worlds , causing Ocellote to have a lot of time to think and rethink their strategy for the coming year. It seems obvious that there will be changes in the team, and rumors have already arisen that players like Martin Wunder Hansen or Martin Rekkles Larsson would already be on the firder, as well as the main Grabbz technician.

Another one of the aforementioned, at least if we attend to the performance of him on the loyalty crack, is the Mihael support MiKYX Mehle. After being the spearhead of the Early Early Game, it has not been up to this 2021. The player has spoken with Ashley Kang on the Korizon ESports channel on the level exhibited by his new partner, Rekkles, and he has compared it With his ancient comrade of the lower lane: Luka Perkz Perkovic.

Phoenix (ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza) | Worlds 2019 - League of Legends
And the first question is about whether G2 has missed Perkz: _ We can say that, at least if we think that I played more champions … but I think Rekkles has played very well during most games. Nothing if I left it only in the 2VS1 to go to Roamee, he kept the Farmeasure and was still useful. With Perkz he had to be closer to him to make sure he did not die. But yes, both are good at his way.

Although he does not want to imply that G2 has lost with the departure of his former captain and defends the performance of Rekkles, he says this so interesting: _ Maybe Perkz was a player who came best to our team … maybe Flexeara More champions … I do not know. If you look at the results, you can say that it came better _

Beyond the statements of him, it is evident that Mikyx’s tone of voice is that of someone who knows that many things are going to change in G2 Esports. A few days have passed since the team removal of the team, but the players face a signing market that surely runs out with them in another club. After all, Ocelote has already spoken of reconstruction.

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