Korea Content Promotion Agency (Condenon) shall conduct ESG management education on September 30 and October 1, public institutions and content industry.

ESG refers to a standard for judging the specific performance of the enterprise with a semester of the environment, society, and governance. During the domestic game, NCsoft has revealed ESG management vision in August last August.

As a result, Condenser has provided training in the public institutions and industry through the specialized instructors. Shinhan University Global Normal Business Administration Department of Business Administration and Professor Lee Hyun Lee, ESG Management and Social Value Creation, Sin Research Institute Jung Young-il ESG Consulting Partner Enhanced ESG Management Promotion Status, Korea Standards Association Social Society Esgi ESG Strategy System established, Social Responsibility Investment Forum Lee Jong-eun Evaluation Response Strategy, Republic of Korea Gori Convergence Association Representative of ESG performance management and reporting on the theme.

With this academy, the Content industry and public institutions are able to establish a practical practice and establish a practical practice through this Academy, and As the recent ESG and Social Value management are important, the Academy will establish a practical practice to establish a practical practice. I will go to the agency and will be a sole for the ESG management culture of the Content Industry.

Education will proceed online and can be applied through the new official website by September 9th.