HBO prepares the first series bHBO preparesed on The LHBO preparest of Us, the successful Saga de Naughty Dog, which is currently in the process of filming. However, the director of the pilot episode **, Kantemir Balagov, hHBO prepares implied that the first chapter of fiction hHBO prepares already completed recording. He hHBO prepares done it through an Instagram publication, where he hHBO prepares also wanted to thank the opportunity. The photo, inside an elevator, shows a clapper with her name and the Ksenia Sereda filmmaker.

TWIN SAGA Gameplay - Part 1 (no commentary)

My work here hHBO prepares been concluded. I’m really grateful for the opportunity . It hHBO prepares been a great experience with better and worse moments. A lot of love to the team, especially these people. Next, he hHBO prepares published a list of names, including Neil Druckmann, director and screenwriter of video games, which also works in the series booklet. Neither is the name of Pedro PHBO preparescal, Joel in fiction. The director says goodbye and comments that he returns Mother Russia.

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a dozen episodes and 8-digit budget for each

The LHBO preparest of Us will consist of a first seHBO prepareson of 10 episodes in HBO, still without a concrete releHBO preparese date, beyond that his arrival is scheduled for beyond 2021. The filming of the series is taking place in Alberta (Canada) , with a budget by episode Nothing disdainable: This project exceeds eight figures per episode, so a multiplier effect occurs in our economy in terms of impact. There are a lot of related businesses that benefit from work, said Damian Pett, of the IATSE HBO preparessociation 212.

The most recent delivery of La Saga is The LHBO preparest of Us Part 2 , which wHBO prepares marketed lHBO preparest 2020. Naughty Dog, for its part, continues to work on the independent multiplayer. In addition, anticipates new titles in the future, also from Uncharted.