The Last of US 2 contains some unforgettable moments. From Joels’s fate to the confrontation of Abby and Ellie at the end of the game, players experience numerous events during a normal run, which they will probably accompany a few days later.

One of these moments takes place between the figures Ellie and Nora. Nora is an ally Amb’s and is spoken by Ellie. The scene looks very pretty in the game, but in the real world, the whole thing is even more spectacular.

Christina Volkov, which is known for their cosplays of popular characters such as Ciri from The Witcher and D.VA from Overwatch, slips here in the role of Ellie. The cosplayer and fashion model сизалтина throws itself in the robe of Nora and together, the two faces the confrontation between the two figures. You will be supported by the photographer Victora, which has a lot of experience with the photographing of Cosplays, as you can see on your Instagram page.

It could be smoothly assumed that these pictures are actual screenshots from The Last of US 2 (Buy Now 32.95 €), which is probably only for the talent of the involved persons. The Cosplays were divided by Christina Volkov under their Account Likeassassin on RedDit, where they received numerous upvotes and reddit awards. On your reddit profile, various other cosplays can still be found to popular figures.

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