How would Ellie from The Last of US 2 in the world of Cybepunk 2077? The Schraft Neonwelt of Night City has barely shared with the postalapalyptic vastness of The Last of Us, where there is not even more arcade games.

A fan of the two games has answered at least the question of how Ellie could look like in the Cyberpunk Universe as a character.

That’s how Cyberpunk-Ellie looks like

On Reddit, the original artwork originated by DeviantArt-User REDHERO6 was now shared. To see it is Ellie, as we know you from The Last of Us – or at least almost.

Although details such as their tattoo and the striking scar on the eyebrow have been preserved, but in the picture, they are now croptop, overalls and sneakers, with whom we would never see them at postalapalyptic America. Also, the weapon that keeps you loose in hand muts rather futuristic, as well as the neon-colored advertising poster in the background.

Overall, Ellie also fits into the world of cyberpunk without cyberpoints and undercut and it is not difficult to imagine how she goes to a rich frame train in Night City. Now only the question remains how Joel would look like with oscillations and neon strips.

Link to reddit content

The Sinking City - Open World Free Roam Gameplay (PC HD) [1080p60FPS]
Of course, the similarity to Judy Alvarez does not come from about. Some comments already say that Ellies elevator is clearly based on Judy and has only small changes. Whether that means Ellie would also be a Braindance editor and part of the Mox?

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More The Last of Us is on the way

In an interview with Game Informer Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells recently confirmed that we could probably get more of Ellie and Co. in the future. At least you have probably not completed with Uncharted and The Last of Us.

Even a story for a possible third part of The Last of Us should already give it, but still no concrete implementation plans – that the third part could then suddenly catapult us in a cyberpoint future is of course more than unlikely, but a little thought playing does not hurt not.

How does Ellie fits into the world of Cyberpunk for you? What other characters would you wish in the futuristic look?