Buy DVD until months after the kinorelease? These times are over: Middle now appear, if not at the same time, a few weeks after the theatrical release already in the stream. So if you have conjuring 3: in the spell of the devil in the cinema, you can see the shock now at home.

With the rise of streaming empires, the time of the cinema exclusivity of films has also been shortened: partly you can see moves directly to the release for a fee in the stream, others appear shortly after your debut of the big screen on the small screen. While it is not the same to see a movie at home or in the cinema – especially if you have no canvas – it has its advantages, if you missed a movie or just rather stream home.

As a result, there is always a look at big providers such as Disney + and Amazon Prime Video : Here, artifacts often appear close to the release, which also appears in the new horror shock conjuring 3: in the spell of the devil the Case is. The third part of the well-known scary series with Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren and Vera Farmiga as Lorrain Warren shows the ghost hunter couple with one of their most famous cases, which opens in the first US law negotiation, in which obsession was stated as defense.

_Show in the trailer for a bloody taste: _

Conjuring: The Visitation and Conjuring 2 can also be streamed on Amazon, but always for a small fee. Conjuring 3: At the spell of the devil, 15.55 euros (borrow) or 19.99 euros (buy) costs.

Streams now Conjuring 3 on Amazon Prime Video.

In addition to the conjuring parts, more ** spin-offs of the series are published, such as the annabelle parts or the now – a movie about the scary nun from conjuring. In the case, however, the annabelle parts are recommended; The now, however, you do not have to do to you if you ask me.