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Sportschützen Natasha Hiltrop has won the next German gold medal at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

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The Rio-second retained the nerves in the dramatic heartbeat line with the air rifle over 10 m and saved with the last shot a projection of 0.1 rings in front of the South Korean Park Jinho. With 253.1 rings, the 29-year-old set a new Paralympics record in the start class SH1.

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Hiltrop brought the first gold for the German para sport shooters since Athens 2004, in the Asaka Shooting Range of Tokyo, it was even the first medal for the team of the German Disabled Sports Association (DBS). Already in the qualification, the incompetitive cross-sectional athlete of SV Lenger had become second. In Rio, the German pre-finish was missing a ring to the gold medal, even with World Championships she never came out of two place.