Call of Duty Mobile On the horizon, and anyone saw the game run knows that if you play and enjoy the series, this title for mobile is one that deserves to be taken seriously. Announced in early 2018 as a collaboration between Activision and the Chinese Giant Tencent, the premium brand market in the field of FPS is broad and supported by two of the world’s largest publishers is an enticing proposal. . Discover the trailer below:

In the past, the laptop versions of the game were generally half cooked and almost unplayable because of their complicated control system, but this is now Android and Mobile, which both support Bluetooth controllers, making it a system closer to reality. grease experience that ever.

But curiously, the game also supports the keyboard and mouse, which means that if you have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you can connect to your mobile or tablet and play with the best unissected control system for The shooters in the first person.

However, the first person shooters are very dependent, which means that players who can spot and precisely pull the enemies first are those who win at the end. It’s hard when you play on a screen that is not much bigger than an average human hand.

That’s why, if you want to take your Call of Duty Mobile at the next level of experience, you need to sit on a PC and play it.

Although it does not work with a Mac using the iOS version of the game, an Android emulator and the game on the Google Play store should work perfectly. Because your computer will already have a keyboard and a mouse, the emulator will recognize them as entered. No additional assembly is therefore necessary.

First of all, you need an emulator to start the game. There are many possibilities for Windows 10 that will perfectly make the case. Bluestacks is one of the most popular, especially for games, but some survey work should help you find one that suits you.


Once the emulator is configured, you must have access to the Google Play Store (all versions of the Android emulator will not come with the installation and you may need to find a .apk file for that, although We can confirm that Bluestacks comes with.). From there you can download Call of Duty Mobile as you would with a normal game once available, then play with a keyboard and a mouse!

Now, not only do you have a fantastic mobile shooting experience on big screen, but also the best control system.

As it is a mobile title and will be intended for mobile technologies, low-end computers should always be able to handle the game without too many problems, and as it is a direct entrance From your PC, the entrance time should be at a minimum. minimum, although the quality of the server can vary.

We hope to see you on the battlefield, soldier!