Why DEADMAN WONDERLAND isn't getting a Season 2

XUR completes the relay of the dawn with some decent exotes.

Schicksal 2 The dawn season comes to an end tomorrow. What is there more beautiful than celebrating exotics with two relatives? Just go to the imperial barge on Nessus and talk to XUR. He will be there until the weekly reset tomorrow, so act quickly.

The two exotics in question are Prometheus Lens, an exotic trace rifle introduced with Curse of Osiris, and Helm of Saint-14, an exotic titanium helmet. The former creates a fiery field that causes more damage when the beam is firing longer and costs 29 legendary shards. The latter has existed since Destiny 1 and allows Ward of Dawn to shut down enemies that come too close. It costs 23 legendary shards.

The other articles are pretty standard. Lucky Pants are hunter boots that load ammunition with precise hits in stowed hand guns while being ready to be faster. Apothosis Veil is a witch master helmet that regenerates your health, grenade, melee and crack immediately when you use a super, and at the same time increases the recharging rate of class capabilities for allies nearby. Both can belong to you for 23 legendary splinters.

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