[Data provided: Pulse Bis]

\ – From today (27th), <Black Desert Mobile> China Homepage, Wicket, Mobile QQ, etc.

Pulse said Bis starts to reserve a Chinese service pre-reservation of today.

China Publisher I Dream Skye is today in 4 pm China Shenzhen in China ‘s Black Desert Mobile> Presentation. The event will announce the pre-sale reservation of the Chinese Serviced Dictionary of and conducts congratulations.

The pre-reservation proceeds in the China Official Homepage, Witchhat, Mobile Queue, Tencent News.


Kim Chang Wook The General PD is a black desert> I feel great on the interest and passion of the Chinese adventurists who have sent to the IP, he said, he said, It is possible to collaborate well, I will prepare to prepare.

is MMORPG, which has a PC original to gain a great response from the global. We recognized high game capacity, such as customizing the graphics and action created by their own game engine, and customizing the level of online game levels, and have been recognized for high game capability, and won the Korea-Japan Game Grand Prize in 2018, .