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In a first chaotic and controversial round, Ritchie Stanaway from New Zealand has been awarded the victory in Supercars. The first round of Cash Converters Supercars All Star Eseries brings physical drivers of supercars to the virtual world, through Iracing. Richie Stanaway, driving in the wildcard seat, stole the victory to Pasquale Anton from Shell V-Power Racing Team. This is how the deeries work and what else happened in the first round.

How do teams work?

In the All Star series, the racing teams of the physical world enter their drivers in the deserves to compete. These equipment and pilots run on real-world tracks, in digital versions of your team’s cars. Most Supercars teams have inscribed their pilots in the competition. Here is the alignment of the equipment:

TeamDriver / Scar Number TypeMobil 1 Walkinshaw Andretti Unitedchaz Mostert25Holdenbrad Jones Racingtodd Hazelwood (Dunlop)

Macauley Jones (Coca-Cola)





Tickford Racingcam Waters (Monster Energy)

Jack Le Brocq (truck assistant)





Shell V Power Dick Johnson RacingAnton De Pasquale11MustangPremiAir Car Equipment SydneyDylan O’Keeffe22HoldenYellow cover / UNIT Matt Stone RacingJake Kostecki35HoldenNED whiskey Kelly Grove RacingAndre Heimgartner7MustangDEWALT team 18Scott Pye20HoldenErebus Boost Mobile RacingBrodie Kostecki99HoldenCoolDrive Blanchard Racing TeamMatthew Payne3MustangBP last RacingThomas Randle55MustangRepco RacingSam Brabham10MustangCash converters RacingJustin Ruggier88MustangJandsMatt Mclean (Shure)

James Golding (Pioneer DJ)





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Swyftx RacingJayden Ojeda31HoldenLogitech G Racing Teamton Dalberto923Mustangteam Tāmaki Makaurau AucklandWildcardmustangshannons Racingmatt Chajda18MustangwildCardwildcard

wildcards and favorites

Each week, the Tāmaki Makaura Auckland team will show some of the best Supercush racing talents in New Zealand. They will enter a different pilot every week in the series. This week, Ritchie Stanaway, driving the number 62, was the entrance to him. There will also be a wildcard every week of several categories of motor sports. In the first round, Oscar Piastri, the Formula 1 pilot born in Australia, takes the steering wheel.

This week’s joker, Oscar Piastri

The favorites of fans and pilots who have to pay attention throughout the weeks include Brodie Kostecki, Anton de Pasquale, Cam Waters and Chaz Mostert. These drivers demonstrated their worth in the Supercars 2020 series last year. Scott Pye is another of the favorites of the fans. Although he is not the best driver of simulation racing after being sixteen last year, he still won a large number of followers in 2020.

Ritchie Stanaway is known in the community as one of the best simulation racing pilots that currently exist. It is not surprising that he will take home the victory in the first round.

Results of the first round

Anton de Pasquale seemed in a very comfortable position to take the victory of the first round of Supercars Eseries. However, after an accident on the last lap, the Mustang of him shot out of the air and crashed. Another favorite, Chaz Mostert, also fell in the last stages of the race. The first round was full of butcher shop when Jake Kostecki and Matt Chahda pilots also crashed towards the end of the race.

Finally, Oscar Piastri began 12 ° and finished fourth, and with that, fanatics are now anxious to listen to who will be the jokers next week. Cash Converters All Star Supercars ESERIES is issued every Wednesday night (Aest) live at Fox Sports 506, Kayo, 7plus, Sky NZ and Social Network Channels, including Twitch.