The emblematic Duo Rick and Morty is finally gathered in Fortnite. When Rick Sanchez was presented for the first time in Chapter 2: Season 7 more than two months ago, many players wondered when his grandson would also arrive at all, considering his small size.

It turns out that Morty is now available for purchase in the Game Royal Battle – with a mechanical suit. Think about a costume closer to the Snuffle Costume of the Lawnmower Dog episode rather than one of the bizarre Mech costumes presented in the series. As the trailer shows and in the game, Deady will present the same shaded Cartoon Cel look, a bit like his previously added counterpart, Rick.

You can either acquire Morty by buying it individually in the object shop for 1,500 V-Bucks right now. In addition, it is also possible to buy the Mecha Morty Bundle Bundle, which contains a multitude of cosmetics. The pack will understand the Mecha Morty holding, the Deady Backpack as a Back Bling, the Space Snake pickup, the Emote Get Schwifty and the weapon envelope Look at me.

Additional cosmetic items add nice and unique visual effects. The look at me weapon envelope will add an image of Mr. Meseeks to your weapon every time you get a kill – referring to the fact that Meeeks you help reach your goal to win. Unfortunately, they will disappear at each new match – win or lose. The Emote Get Schwifty requires a Rick counterpart to recreate an interpretation of the infamous song Get Schwifty. Of course, the song will be censored to exclude some of the most explicit words.

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